Frank Martin, Yuneec

The Roswell Test Flight Crew
met with several companies while attending Interdrone in Las Vegas recently. In this episode, Patrick Sherman of the Roswell Flight Test Crew hears from with Ross Miller of the Nevada State Police, as well as Frank DeMartin, the vice president of marketing for Yuneec Electric Aviation about a public safety demonstration conducted at the 2017 InterDrone conference at the Rio hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Miller begins by describing the time that the accident investigation team can save by using a drone instead of a total station. Using a pre-planned mission to fly a series of waypoints, the Yuneec Typhoon H520 can capture aerial photographs which can be used to construct 2D and 3D models of the scene, accomplishing in minutes what would take hours with a total station. DeMartin explains the features of the H520 and the ST-16S controller, which include full functionality in areas without Internet access, as well as data security, to ensure that the user’s private data is protected. The H520 also incorporates hot-swappable cameras, including a thermal imaging system. The aircraft has been designed for public safety and industrial users, in applications such as inspection and mapping, as well as search and rescue.

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