The drone industry is at the forefront of technological innovation and as such, is undergoing almost constant change. 2018 was my first year writing about UAVs and although I’ve learnt a lot in 12 months, there is still so much more to get my head around.

A few months back, I wrote 7 things I learned in my first month of owning a Mavic Air. Although most of the learnings fall into the ‘Yeah, duh!’ category, I think that for those with little to no experience with drones, they are still a bit of a mystery (and sometimes scary). It’s only once you own one, you understand why others like them. You realize they can capture amazing images, are easy to use and can be a lot of fun.

It won’t surprise most of our readers but drones are still viewed by many out there (my girlfriend included) as a nerdy, niche pastime (and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that). They are also viewed, correctly so, as predominantly a male hobby (89 percent of our readers are male). Drones have gotten a lot more popular in recent years and when celebrities like Will Smith fly a drone on the Tonight Show, they seep their way more and more into the zeitgeist. Slowly drones are being recognized for all the cool things they add to society. 

We wrote many articles this year centering about how noisy drones are as well as spelling out public fears around drones being used for surveillance. I think those two factors in particular will mean we are likely to see many more stories in mainstream media about drone users behaving badly. The good thing is, there are now enough outlets like ours to put out a positive counter narrative and with more drone owners all the time, fear mongering and misinformation will not necessarily work. Idiotic behavior from a few individuals should never be used to define the identity of a group.

Our most read stories of 2018


While there was plenty of negative press about drones in 2018, we tried to highlight some of the good stuff UAVs are doing in the world.  Whether it be saving human or animal lives, helping put out fires or assisting nature – UAVs are helping the world in all sorts of ways.

Drone with thermal imaging camera locates assault victim

DJI Report 65 lives were saved by drones in the previous year 

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