drone helicopter | [URUS TEST] – First test Urus Protocol

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Hello Dev! great news!

finally after 9 month testing and developing the all Urus ecosystem, we have the first test video using the Urus Protocol – Urus System and running with Ardupilot master scheduler for this time on Arduino board and on Android app.

I’m sorry for the late support the community at the proposed time about 18 month ago, but i’m very happy with you Ardupilot, you show me and redirect me to see a new way tech that is not present on my country. As you know it’s not easy for me to speed up in middle about the politician problems here.

So i’m doing it all possible to help and supporting the comunnity with the great ardupilot team, i’m very glad to meet you APM Team.

Now i’m growing up a comunity here teaching and learning a new way to giving to us university a new horizon on the opensource way and technologies.

Now i will have more time to complete my TO-DO list, i know that your in doubt about me, but i’m supporting to ardupilot team with Urus system to do a some great work here and around the comunnity world.

As maybe you know, Urus system is a new interface-vehicle system handling all io hardware with a new HAL called SHAL between the top hal and the urus system target hardware, and basically it’s the same that present on the other side hal.

The purpose about the Urus System is giving to us a comunication way to ardupilot api with an easy and realiable system, for example, if you are an owner apm 2.x board then you want to use the last master ardupilot version, then you can use the urus cape io and you can connect it with a Raspberry pi or NuttX board, like PX4 (work in progress for this board).

Ok, you doesn’t have an legacy board, but have an trainer board like Nucleo board (stm32f446) then you will can use the urus cape io and the urus system to run on it with the master and with NuttX directly.

Urus team has developed a complete ecosystem for you and ardupilot developer with a new graphical ide called Urus Studio and have a customized “EXOKERNEL” using the linux base kernel for fast and realtime an ARM architecture, it is publishing the source code on the urus team repo. The documentation is work in progress so don’t worry, it’s will pulished very soon. 

Thank you very much!