Showcasing a range of technologies and systems at UDT in Glasgow, L3 Calzoni plans to add a new ROV to its unmanned family, likely in 2019.

Speaking to Shephard, a company official said that that the new vehicle would be a ‘more compact, smaller version’ of its Pegaso ROV. Meanwhile, continued development and testing of the Lyra ROV (pictured) will see new capabilities added according to customer wishes.

‘We continue research and development of this platform and have a roadmap to broaden [its capabilities],’ the spokesperson stated.

The Lyra currently serves customers in the Italian and international markets, in both the military and commercial sectors. 

Military roles include use by special forces for undersea inspections and the sabotage of undersea cables, while also active in the Italian parapublic sector and worldwide oil and gas.

The company also provided an update to its U-Ranger and Mini-Ranger USV programme, which are intended to operate in the MCM role, a capability increasingly falling under the purview of the unmanned systems.

L3 Calzoni leveraged its existing work in providing propulsion systems for MCM platforms with the Italian, Malaysia and Algerian navies. Further development of the Mini-Ranger to include the fitting of a specialised towed-sonar array system.

‘We have good experience in MCM… and based on that we made the two prototype vehicles,’ the spokesperson said, adding that the next steps for the programme ‘would depend on the market’ and ‘which direction’ it would follow.

Additional roles for the two USVs include harbour protection and surveillance.

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