UAVOS has introduced a new fixed-wing UAS called the Borey-10, the company announced on 29 March.

The Borey-10 can carry payloads including photo camera, a front video camera, a thermal imager and a gyrostabilised television camera for applications such as monitoring oil and gas pipelines and military bases, border control, SAR, mapping, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

Borey-10’s range for real-time video transmission is up to 30km, and up to 70km for control missions. The UAS has an endurance of four hours with a payload of 2lbs. A heated battery compartment allows UAS to fly in temperature as low as -30° Celsius.

The UAS is also equipped with an EW countermeasure system, which makes it possible to carry out research operations in the absence of GNSS signals.

The flying wing design aircraft has a weight of 20lbs with a wingspan of 140 inches. The aircraft is catapult launched and lands with parachute on its back to protect payloads.

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