I like to close out the year with highlights and news from the various companies represented by UAV Propulsion Tech here in the US. It has been a busy and productive year as highlighted below.  First, we have added several new companies and their advanced UAV hardware solutions.  These include:

NEW UAV Solutions:

Aeron Systems – India:  Aeron is a fast growing tech company based in Pune, India that offers a wide range of tech-driven products and solutions under Inertial Sensing and IoT verticals. Backed by strong technical knowhow and refined algorithms, Aeron’s products offer premium features at an attractive price point. I have included their MEMS inertial navigation systems and Galileo digital magnetic compass solutions.  http://uavpropulsiontech.com/aeron-systems/

Pegasus Aerospace (Destin, FL – USA):  Pegasus have designed a line of 3D printed unmanned aerial vehicle airframes in 3 sizes (3m, 4m, 5m wingspan). Vulcan UAS airframes were designed and developed from the ground up to be manufactured using additive manufacturing technologies such as a 3D printer. It was designed to be a portable, low-cost production and maintenance UAS. Vulcan UAS is a light weight, rapid deployment system for both military and commercial applications requiring low altitude intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).  http://uavpropulsiontech.com/pegasus-aerospace-3d-printed-uav-airframes/

HES Energy Systems (Singapore):  HES Energy Systems is a leading enterprise in Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology for Aerospace, Military, Defense, and Commercial applications. Over the past 10 years, HES has been developing and delivering high performance and lightweight Integrated Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems all over the world. HES own in-house Research and Development team delivers quality and high performance products developed around the customers needs.  Solutions include gaseous/liquid/solid fuel cells for UAV’s and a hydrogen fuel cell multicopter.  http://uavpropulsiontech.com/hes-energy-systems/

Fuel System Solutions – Including Fuel Safe bladder tanks (Redmond, OR – USA):   UAV Propulsion Tech has over 20 years experience in automotive fuel systems and 10 years in UAV fuel systems. We can develop complete fuel tank systems or supply fuel system hardware. We are now offering Fuel Safe bladder and molded fuel tanks, in-line fuel pumps, fuel level sensors, ultrasonic fuel flow sensors, and systems engineering for these solutions. http://uavpropulsiontech.com/fuel-systems/

Alpha Unmanned  Systems (Madrid, Spain): Alpha Unmanned Systems developed a custom ground control station (GCS) to operate their Alpha 800 UAV system. The GCS has been proven on that system and is now being offered to other UAV customers that are looking for a customizable GCS. It allows two persons to operate, one flying the aircraft and the other controlling the payload. You can find more details regarding this solution below. Contact us with your requirements and we can let you know cost/timing. We can customize or give you a “base” system that you can do your own customization. http://uavpropulsiontech.com/alpha-unmanned-systems-ground-control-system/

ePropelled (Cardiff, Wales – UK): ePropelled is a leader in magnetic engineering innovations that dramatically improves electric motor and generator efficiency for aviation, aerospace and electric vehicle applications.  UAV solutions include electric motors to drive propellers and starter/generator solutions for engines. http://uavpropulsiontech.com/motors/

Key News/Achievements from represented companies:

February 6th, 2018: Perfect Performance by Sentronics Flowsonic® Fuel Sensors at Daytona Rolex 24

February 16th, 2018: MicroPilot now flies transitioning VTOL UAS

March 8th, 2018: Neva Aerospace Turbines go into production in France.

April 25th, 2018: Neva Aerospace announces further boosts in power of VTOL optimized turbines.

May 1st, 2018: UMS SKELDAR acquisition of Hirth

June 13th, 2018: MartinUAV’s V-Bat achieves 15,000ft and and 50 miles at JIFX.

Martin UAV V-Bat in Field

September 28, 2018: HES Launches Record 140g Pressure Reducer. 

October 5th, 2018: World’s First Hydrogen-Electric Passenger Plane will Soon Take to The Skies with Zero Pollution.

OCT/NOV, 2018: Aviation Maintenance Magazine – Hirth Expands Support.

November 8th, 2018: HES Energy Systems Launches 3-hr Hydrogen Multi-rotor Designed and Built in the USA.

November 23rd,  2018: German two stroke engine pioneer announces global market focus and lauches new website.

Key UAV News for the Week:

Industry Events for January:

Quote for the week:

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” – Albert Einstein.

UAV Propulsion Tech is unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) hardware solution provider of propulsion, servo, autopilot, rescue/recovery parachutes, electric turbofans, pneumatic launchers, fuel flow/level sensors, engine sensors, INS, digital compasses, 3D printed airframes, fuel cells, motors/generators, GCS and gyro-stabilized EO/IR gimbal solutions. Click on the HOME link above or go to www.uavpropulsiontech.com for more info.

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