Hoverfly Tether-Powered UAS Receives High Marks From Nations Leading Research Lab Devoted to Spectator Sports Safety and Security

America’s leading tether-powered drone manufacturer, Hoverfly Technologies, has announced that its LiveSky™ Secure Plus Tether-Powered sUAS has successfully completed lab testing at the world’s leading institution for Spectator Sports Safety and Security.

Hoverfly is the first sUAS company to undergo lab testing and evaluation by The National Sports Security Laboratory (NSSL) established by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4); an organization dedicated to spectator sports safety and event security. The purpose of the NSSL is to assist sport and event venue operators in assessing and validating systems and technologies for safety and security use. The evaluation program follows principles currently adopted by standard DHS validation programs that are meant to assist end operators with objective, quantitative reviews of available commercial systems and solutions.

“We were delighted to receive such high marks in the NSSL’s lab test and evaluation report” says Hoverfly Senior Vice President of Solutions Lew Pincus.  “Our LiveSky Tether-Powered UAS allows stadium and event managers, law enforcement and emergency responders to have a safe and reliable new tool to discretely maintain persistent perch and stare intelligence and evaluate crowds in real time from 200’ above the scene.  And, the best part is the system can fly safely for hours even days at a time, deploys in minutes, is easy to use, requires no piloting skills and is completely mobile” says Pincus.

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The LiveSky Tether-Powered Unmanned Aerial System is next generation aerial technology providing tether-power coming from a standard ground or mobile power source making short battery-powered flight time no longer a concern.  With its simple 5-button operation, precision landing and network interoperability operators can easily fly, land and distribute its high definition h.264 secure video feeds to all stakeholders in real time.

“Hoverfly’s system was evaluated by a select group of subject matter experts (SME’s) from sports security including the NFL and information technology domains.  The collective group of SME’s had a base of experience that encompassed collegiate and professional sporting and major event safety and security operations. Part of NCS4 and NSSL’s mission is to assess and provide technologies that have been and vetted for use by our members.  This process allows us to evaluate, score and publish lab tested results to subscribers of NCS4 publications and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security” said Executive Director of NCS4 Dr. Lou Marciani.

For more information about this 25-page lab test report please visit NCS4 at the University of Southern Mississippi www.ncs4.com or Hoverfly Technologies, Inc. at www.hoverflytech.com.

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