SimActive Inc., a developer of photogrammetry software, has announced the release of version 8.0 with a new 3D modelling module for Correlator3D. The module allows the generation of 3D textured meshes to create photorealistic models, which can be exported in standard formats, including OBJ files.

“Adding a 3D modelling function addresses an increasing need in the industry, and the natural progression of our software workflow”, said Louis Simard, CTO of SimActive. “The module implements a new capability to bolster the same software at no additional cost for our users, ingrained with core SimActive principles: simple, fast, and precise.”

SimActive’s Correlator3D™ is renowned worldwide as a high-end data processing software for over a decade. Powered by patented algorithms, the software is unmatched in processing speed, quality of outputs, and simplicity of design.

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About SimActive

SimActiveis a leading developer of photogrammetry software since 2003. The company introduced the first GPU-powered AT (Aerial Triangulation) and DSM (Digital Surface Model) generation engines in the industry, enabling multiple fold processing speed increases. Through continuous innovation and product updates since then, SimActive remains at the forefront of innovation as the technical standard the industry is measured against.

For more information, please visit www.simactive.com

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