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Flight has captivated mankind from the beginning. We have all longed to explore the expanse just above our heads, and Teal One™, from Teal Drones, makes this desire obtainable.

Designed for durability the Teal One unites power and beauty into a premium, effortless experience. Easy swap arms and propellers repair in minutes so you stay airborne. Powered by the NVIDIA® TX1, and an Ambarella Camera Processor, Teal One is positioned for industry-leading hardware and software innovations that will expand your experiences and create new ways to explore flight. The Teal One combines speed, agility, and ease of use into the perfect platform for seasoned pros or first-time pilots.

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The Teal One Features:

  • High Performance/Speed: Teal One is one of the fastest ready-to-fly drones with a top speed of 60 mph (and it can withstand wind resistance up to 40 mph).

  • Durability: The drone is designed to be modular with easy-to-fix “quick-swap” arms and removable props so you’re back in the air in minutes, not weeks.

  • Apps: the Teal One platform include apps, such as the Teal Flight, an easy-to-use flight control app for beginner to advanced pilots. Customize your flight area with Flight Bubble™, a controlled flight area for practicing or trying new maneuvers. No matter what your flight plans are Teal Flight is the perfect copilot.

  • Personalization: Adjust your flight tunings from slow and steady to fast and nimble, and choose from five flight modes including one-handed and voice control.

The Teal One is designed and assembled in the U.S. It is priced at $1199, and is currently available for purchase, with immediate shipping available. Click here for more information.

About Teal Drones

George Matus was inspired by the sky outside his family home in Salt Lake City, Utah. This passion inspired him to explore the world of remote controlled flight. While still in middle school, he began working as a test pilot learning about the industry. He started building prototype helicopters and drones which led him to create a wish list of drone capabilities not yet available. George’s forward thinking and tenacity to build a powerful, enjoyable drone that anyone could fly caught the attention of The Thiel Fellowship and Teal was born. The Teal One™ realizes these capabilities and still delivers on his primary vision.

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