SimActive Inc., a developer of photogrammetry software, is proud to announce new features to improve volumetric calculation. Correlator3D™ now has integrated tools for users to generate precise statistics on mining activities.

Applications like mineral extraction monitoring can all be done seamlessly within the software. Users can process raw drone data, produce point clouds and DSMs, and perform volumetric calculations, all in the same Correlator3D™ workflow.

“Our clients often require project delivery within 24 hours”, said Jennifer Waugh, Principal at Alietum Ltd., a Canadian company using unmanned technology to support construction, consulting, and government clients. “SimActive enables us to meet this demanding turnaround time.”

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About Alietum Ltd.

Founded in 2016, Alietum Ltd. is based in Yellowknife, Canada and has completed projects across Northwest Territories and as far north as Victoria Island.  Alietum endeavours to use emerging unmanned technology to support the unique environment, industries and people who define Canada’s north. Current clients include construction companies, consulting firms, and government agencies.

For more information, visit www.alietumuav.com

About SimActive

SimActiveis a leading developer of photogrammetry software since 2003. The company introduced the first GPU-powered AT (Aerial Triangulation) and DSM (Digital Surface Model) generation engines in the industry, enabling multiple fold processing speed increases. Through continuous innovation and product updates since then, SimActive remains at the forefront of innovation as the technical standard the industry is measured against.

For more information, please visit www.simactive.com

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