Silent Falcon UAS Technologies’ solar-electric, fixed-wing Silent Falcon UAS has been added to Transport Canada’s (TC) list of compliant Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

This allows the company to issue Statements of Conformity to its customers seeking to become compliant UAS operators in Canada.

According to the company, Silent Falcon is one of a limited number of fixed-wing compliant UAS in Canada that has met the requirements for this operational status. Transport Canada is the government agency responsible for transportation policies and programmes, and promotes safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible transportation.

John Brown, president and CEO, Silent Falcon UAS Technologies, said: ‘We are extremely fortunate to have been granted this status by one of the world’s leading aviation regulatory agencies. This will allow us to work closely with our customers and operators in Canada to assist them in gaining regulatory compliant operational status.

‘Silent Falcon is the only solar electric, long range, long endurance UAS able to do this in the very important Canadian market. We look forward to seeing Silent Falcon flying commercial missions of all types throughout the skies of Canada.’

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