Gary LicquiaThe Roswell Test Flight Crew met with several companies while attending the Future Farm Drone Rodeo in Portland. In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew hears from Gary Licquia of RDO Integrated Controls about the SenseFly eBee: a fixed-wing platform that flies exclusively using autonomous, waypoint-driven missions. The aircraft is connected to a laptop computer via a radio modem. A SenseFly software package called eMotion allows the user to plot a course for the aircraft, as well as giving it real-time commands, if needed. The eBee is compatible with interchangeable payloads for various remote sensing applications. In this example, it carries a Parrot Sequoia NDVI sensor, to determine the health of crops on agricultural land. Launching the eBee is as simple as shaking it three times and then throwing it into the air.

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