Sagetech’s MX transponders have been selected by PAE ISR for the Resolute Eagle UAS, the company announced on 5 June.

The Resolute Eagle UAS weighs 210lbs and has the range and endurance to enable beyond visual line of sight operations. The UAS provide support for a wide range of military, public safety, humanitarian and commercial missions.

The MX transponder line will allow PAE ISR to use a single form and fit across its entire UAS fleet, regardless of mission. The MX transponder line includes a civil variant, MXS, which supports Modes A, C and S and 1090 MHz ADS-B In/Out – a cornerstone of the FAA’s modernisation initiative.

The line also features an integral pressure sensor for accurate altitude reporting. The MX12A military variant supports all the civil functionality as well as military modes up through Mode 5.

Weighing 150gms, both the MXS and MX12A will receive FAA Technical Standard Orders certifications. The MX12A will be certified in 2019 as compliant with Department of Defense AIMS Mark XIIA standard for military interoperability.

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