This might be the future of human transport.

The Ehang 184 is the first of many manned autonomous vehicles and it runs on Lipo like most UAV. They are great but they also weight too much for a long endurance flight compared to their energy capacity, indeed the time this vehicle can fly is only 22 minutes per charge.

This is of course not suitable for a medium or a long trip.

We believe that the solution is to use hybrid power, while big industries can work on high energy density batteries. This kind of solution is the best for a transition moment, at the ending of that batteries will replace the generators and we will not need new vehicles. Making fast air transport for everyone and make it cleaner is a priority.

Our goal is to achieve a fuel consumption of 6 L/h on a manned multirotor able to fly at 80+ km/h. For comparison, a Cessna 172 has a fuel consumption of 30+L/h.

This kind of power system will use Wankel engines for their high efficiency and high power to weight ratio. We will need to design our own brushless engines and propellers, so it will not be easy but it will be a great step.

Our intentions are:

  1. Make a more time-efficient way to travel inside the city and outside the city.
  2. Make the air transport sector less polluting and prepare it for the electric transition.
  3. Make a cargo version for urgent transport.


This is also gonna be expensive, so we first want to take some funds from selling our generators before getting on a similar project.

Any help with your knowledge, financial participation or hardware will be great. For any question write to nicolai.valenti@gmail.com

Thank you

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