drone helicopter | Pixhawk 2.1 with RPI computer Module 3- DRONEE PILOT

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Hi  Pixhawk Lovers)

After Intel cancelling edisons. Dronee Pilot might be interesting for you.


All-in-One ,Microhard telemetry module, Raspberry Pi Computer Module 3, Ublox GPS and Airspeed Sensor in one  super small package .  And all is only 45 Gram.


RPI CM3 module has fantastic power and super small size .  It has also onboard 4GB eMMC storage. Also to make development easier Dronee Pilot has RPI – UART, I2C, USB  GPIO pins and CSI Cam slot.

General Hardware Specifications:

  • Integrated GNSS receiver UBlox NEO M8N

  • Integrated Microhard telemetry module (configurable 100mW-1W)

  • Raspberry Pi Computer module 3 with 1.2GHZ  processor ,1Gbyte RAM, and 4Gbytes eMMC flash

  • microSD card slot

  • RPI GPIO: UART,I2C,USB and CSI Cam port

  • FMU connector:  4 x Main PWM, 4x Aux PWM, CAN , UART , Power port

  • FMU debug /IO Debug port

  • Compact board size of 90 x 43 mm

  • Airspeed Senosor

  • Weight 45 gram

More information about Dronee Pilot and other products can be found on the website: https://pilot.dron.ee/