dji | Performance Improvement of a Single Frequency RTK Receiver

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Previously we have not seen single frequency RTK receiver that can work well with surrounding trees and buildings. Above video shows interesting test result of our soon to be released firmware update enabling to work under such condition.

The recorded NMEA is replayed using RTKplot. Green dots represent RTK Fix points; orange dots represent RTK Float points.

Currently this is using our S2525F8-BD-RTK GPS/BDS receiver. We would like to make similar improvement to our S2525F8-GL-RTK GPS/GLONASS receiver, but require some assistance logging 20 minutes of static data on 3 separate occasions using two survey grade base and rover antennas that covers L1 GPS/GLONASS in Europe and North America where there is EGNOS and WAAS signal respectively. 

If anyone with suitable survey grade antennas living in North America or Europe kind enough having interest to offer assistance, we would be happy to supply a pair of 10Hz capable S2525F8-GL-RTK receiver evaluation boards; please send me a message. Thank you !