Payload 2kg max.

The payload can be placed at the top (max 7cm diameterx10cm high) and or under the drone.Max size 25cm long 25cm wide 20cm high.

Space available in the electronic box (for your electronic).


The Payload Landing Gear fixations are in place to fix your payload.



All commercial accessories up to 2kg (Mounting included) and 25cmx25cmx20cm meter can be mounted under the drone equipped with the Payload Landing Gear.

Light Ware SF10 Lidar

Light ware SF02 Lidar

Collision Avoidance Radar

Maxbotic I2C Sonar

MarkOne Precision Landing

Maxbotic Analog Sonar

TeraRanger One Rangefinder

Leddar One Lidar

Multispectral camera

Analog Sonar (AC3.1)

uAvionix ADS-B Ping

Camera Shutter Trigger Boards

Camera and Gimbal

2 to 6 dof Arm Servos

DJI Lightbridge 2