Following the launch of the new Anafi drone, Parrot has received some criticism for holding back its Follow Me and Flight Plan features for pilots willing to pay extra.

At the time of our Anafi review, those additional modes would have set you back $17.99 each. That’s a lot of money for features that come as standard on drones from the likes of DJI. And not a great way to treat customers that might be considering making the switch from the industry’s leading manufacturer.

Well, good news for Anafi buyers: Today we received an email from Parrot outlining a promotion with huge discounts on those extra flight modes. We don’t yet know how many Anafi customers this has been sent out to.

Parrot Anafi – Now With Discounted Extra Features

In a move that suggests Parrot is backing down on (and possibly regretting) charging extra for Follow Me and Flight Plan modes, the French manufacturer has decided to cut the prices down from £17.99 to just £0.99. They are pretty much giving the modes away.

parrot anafi deals

The scale of the discount on Follow-Me and Flight Plan is a bold but inevitable move from Parrot, given that all major media reviews had touched upon the strangeness of charging pilots to unlock extra features.

How to unlock Anafi’s flight modes

It’s easy. Simply:

1. Start the application and connect to your ANAFI drone
2. Tap the in-app store button in the application
3. Select Follow Me and tap buy
4. Repeat step 3 for Flight Plan

What do the new modes allow you to do?


Follow Me – GPS & Visual Tracking: The Anafi can film you horizontally and vertically without you having to touch the controls.

Flight Plan – Plan your flight route on the map using waypoints, then sit back and enjoy the scenery as Anafi takes off for an automatic flight.

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