PAE ISR has selected Persistent Systems’ MPU5 Wave Relay mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) technology for its Resolute Eagle UAS platform, the company announced on 18 December.

The MANET system utilises existing infrastructure to augment the capacity of a wireless network. The radio’s algorithm allows users to incorporate large numbers of meshed devices into the network in which the devices themselves form the communication infrastructure. The system can run live voice-over-internet-protocols, video and other applications.

The single, reconfigurable Resolute Eagle aircraft comes in two configurations—standard and runway-independent VTOL with a flight endurance of 12 to 18-plus hours depending on configuration. The aircraft has a payload capacity of over 75lbs, low acoustic signature at mission altitudes, with small logistical footprint.

Jake Jacobs, PAE ISR chief technology officer, said: ‘The MPU5’s unique ability to rapidly change C, L and S bands by swapping the interchangeable frequency modules paired with the Resolute Eagle’s large multi-intelligence payload capacity makes this a game changing capability. The MPU5 and its Wave Relay MANET technology allow the Resolute Eagle to achieve higher data-rates and deliver actionable intelligence from its multi-int sensors in near real-time.’

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