McMinnville, OR: Northwest UAV (NWUAV), the largest UAV propulsion system manufacturer in the
U.S., has successfully completed the first phase towards Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 14 CFR
Part 21 Type Certification in support of the NW44 type certification program.

Members of the FAA team, which comprised FAA Flight Standards (AC-AW), AIR UAS Programs and
Procedures Division, AIR Policy & Innovation Division and the Engine Directorate, came together on October 16th and 17th at NWUAV headquarters in McMinnville, Oregon for the first gated certification
process in collaboration with the FAA.

NWUAV clearly presented its advanced captures of 14 CFR 33 and 35 data, the process for Risk
Assessment utilizing Safety Management principals founded in current Part 5 regulatory basis and the
ability to transition to ISO based production capability pursuant to eventual Production Certification and
Part 145 services. This critical meeting demonstrated the intent of NWUAV to establish high
consequence, critical success attributes in every UAS engine design and subsequently bring the UAS
industry to the highest standards in airworthiness and aviation safety. The availability of an FAA 14 CFR
21.17(a) type certificated powerplant will provide a significant opportunity for airframe manufacturers to
successfully and efficiently navigate the civil certification requirements for their aircraft with an off the shelf availability of a NWUAV Type Certificated engine/propeller set.

About Northwest UAV

As the largest UAV propulsion system manufacturer in the U.S., Northwest UAV (NWUAV) continues to prove its international reputation for reliable, cost-effective and innovative UAV engines and support systems. With meticulous engineering, testing, and manufacturing, NWUAV continues to maintain its recognition as America’s leader in UAV propulsion systems. NWUAV develops a wide variety of propulsion systems based on custom and commercial engines in their state-of-the-art on-site facilities, which offer engineering, research and development, testing, production and manufacturing capabilities. From the initial design concept through finished product and production within AS9100/ISO9001 Certification and DCAA compliance, NWUAV has the expertise to get your unmanned systems project done right.


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