MSAB and URSA have introduced a new system called XRY Drone that extracts and analyses data from malicious UAS, MSAB announced on 10 October.

The system allows investigators to decode and view the data from UAS, including flight paths, origin, behaviour and other critical information that can identify operators. With XRY Drone, users such as police, corrections agencies, border control and military organisations can access data from the the rogue UAS’ black box, from memory files and from smartphones used to control the aircraft.  

David Kovar, president of URSA, said: ‘Drones are exploding in popularity and their operational capabilities are advancing rapidly as well. Unfortunately, they have also proven to be useful tools for criminal actions like carrying phones, weapons and drugs to prisoners in correctional facilities, for illegal surveillance and even for terrorist attacks.

‘URSA’s research team has worked with MSAB to access and decode the data in a number of the most widely used drone models.’

XRY Drone is a new member of the XRY line of products from MSAB, used by law enforcement to recover and view data from mobile phones and other mobile devices.

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