Washington (UPI) Nov 28, 2018 –

Logos Technologies announced Wednesday that it has successfully demonstrated its Redkite wide-area motion imagery sensor to representatives from defense, law enforcement and civilian agencies in The Netherlands at Bosschenhoofd airfield.

The flight is the first time the Redkite has been demonstrated for government officials, the company said.

The Redkite is built in a pod configuration that can be adapted to a large number of manned and unmanned aircraft. The demonstration had it mounted on a Stemme S-15 powered glider, which also mounted a full motion video system integrated with the Redkite.

“Briefing charts can communicate only so much information,” Alan Murdoch, Logos International vice president, said in a press release. “For our guests to be able to see how small the Redkite sensor really is, how easy it is to integrate and operate, and how powerful WAMI can be in operation, was invaluable.”

The Redkite can record and store up to 8 hours of imagery in the pod and provide real-time access to WAMI operators on the ground. It can monitor up to 7.5 miles at one time, covering a city-sized area, and is capable of providing focused imagery of one location while maintaining a wide scan look at the surrounding area.

Logos produces the Redkite-I as well, which is designed specifically for the Insitu Integrator Group 3 drone.

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