Aurora Flight Sciences has become the first US customer to purchase Lockheed Martin’s new Vehicle Control Station (VCS) software product, Lockheed announced on 1 May.

The system, VCSi, can control multiple air, surface or underwater unmanned systems simultaneously. The system’s control interface allows for true 1:N control of dissimilar vehicles anywhere on earth covering commercial and military missions.

The VCSi software is built on an open architecture framework and is hardware and operating system agnostic. It supports NATO STANAG 4586 among others. A vehicle integration and development kit provides all the tools

necessary for customers to integrate VCS for their unique unmanned vehicle systems.

Sean Engdahl, senior software engineer, Aurora Flight Sciences, said: ‘We are in the middle of testing VCSi flight modes and route uploads against our ground and flight software. Everyone is liking the new implementation of VCSi.’

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