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LARS system demonstrated on C-Worker ASV

01st August 2017 – 15:30


The Shephard News Team

LARS system demonstrated on C-Worker ASV

ASV Global has demonstrated the functionality of a micro autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) launch and recovery system (LARS) on the C-Worker 5 autonomous surface vehicle (ASV), the company announced on 26 July.

The demonstration took place during June and July 2017 in the Solent, UK. The LARS system on the C-Worker 5 ASV was used to deploy and retrieve the ecoSUB-µ AUV.

ASV Global has been working to develop a micro AUV LARS for ASVs on a collaborative research project with Planet Ocean, the National Oceanography Centre and the University of Southampton for about two years. The project is partially funded by Innovate UK, and seeks to deliver a modular, integrated system to provide a more reliable way of launching and recovering AUVs using an unmanned system.

ASV Global’s primary role within the project is to design a modular system to enable easy and efficient launch and recovery of a flexible number of ecoSUBS.  This will aid quick deployment for mass data collection when working with ecoSUB-µ AUVs.

The C-Worker 5 ASV has also been equipped with a Wi-Fi data recovery system for the demonstration series, so that data can be backed up from the AUV to the ASV to preserve information allowing for a more reliable transmission to the shore. This will also enable ecoSUB-µ AUVs to be re-tasked upon completion of a mission for further investigations or recovered as required.

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