AWuAV 3015E the Revolutionary Open Source drone


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Annular Wing Unmanned Air Vehicle”

The vehicle has only 2 parts the ring wing and the motor-propeller no other moving parts for a gain in weight.

AWuAV is controlled only by a Thrust Vectoring Flight Control (TVFC)


A shrouded ducted annular wing can be smaller and carry more payload than a bi or quadcopter.


To reduces the weight and power consumption of the unit.

The electric motor-propeller is fixed on a ring gimbal mechanism with 2 servos at 90 degrees.

(no control surface).

This technological leap makes it possible to manufacture drones of 0.30 meters to 1.5 meters of diameter

which can carry 2 times their weight  from 2 kg to 150 kg of payload and about 40 minutes  to 20 hours in air.

Up to 0.60 meters in diameter, the electric motor with or not a hybrid fuel range extender is essential, above we use a twin gaz engine from 7 hp to 160 hp multi-fuel.

The idea of ​​making a drone vtol of 25/40cm with a single motor + propeller to start 2 years ago there were 2 possibilities


Has a single motor and 4 independent flaps.
The vehicle’s yaw is controlled by adjusting all four fine to point slightly clockwise or counter-clockwise.


Has two counter-rotating motors and at least two independent flaps (4 individual servos / flaps can be used.
The vehicle’s yaw is controlled by adjusting the speeds of the two motors. I.e. speeding up the clockwise motor while slowing down the counter-clockwise

We tested the singlecopter solution but having the load above the drone did not please us.
The project leader had the idea to use a mobile motor + helice assembly to direct the drone.

4 mechanisms have been tested for gimbal motor

– axe + ball and 2 servos at 90 ° (takes too much place in height)

– 2 square chassis and 2 servos at 90 ° (not solid enough, takes too much place)

– 2 pieces with hinge and pivot at 90 ° (takes too much place in height)

Your choice

-1 metal circle 2cm high (like a gyroscope) which rests on a 2em circle 3cm wide and 2 verins at 90° (perfect, solid, stable and takes no place in height) the engine is suspended in the 1st Circle with 2 movable axes.

How it Works !

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The combination motor + propeller can take
all positions with a bending of + – 10° to +10 ° to 360 °.

Compensate for Torque

Dynamic Torque Compensation thanks to a particular profile of the structure of the drone.(Patent Pending)

Horizontal Flight and Vertical Flight

The normal flight attitude of the AWuAW 3015E is horizontal flight.
The Vertical flight, which allows a higher flight speed (100 km / h), is obtained by increasing the motor trottle while inclining the drone at 45 °.

5 UAV configurations have been performed and tested.

With several different wings different engines and ailerons
To arrive at the current prototype.

4 Autopilot and their software have been tested in flight condition
– cc3d
– apm
– multiwii
– pix4
Before choosing the Px4racer with Arducopter and Qgroundcontrol

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The ancestors of the drone AwuAW 3015E

CYPHER from Sikorky and Honeywell RQ-16 T-Hawk

The AWuAV 3045E is the most advanced, simple, robust, intelligent and safe of the 2017 drones and the one with the best weight / payload ratio and the way it is designed in fact the best value for money it will become the drone “knife Swiss “. It can be commercial version (payload 2kg max, 25mn fligth) the most used drone in the world…All the components are on stage or are very simple to realize (structure, landing gear)

The drone is surmounted by a removeable helice protection that can supports a PTZ camera day / night.

It has 4 feet of landing 10 cm in length and can be equipped with a payload landing gear / lashing load of 25x25x25 cm which is fixed in place of the existing feet.

The AWuAV 3015E is  fully automated with the Autopilot and its companion computer (optional).

The AWuAV 3015E with its flexibility of use can do missions of leisure, photo, video, race, commercial solutions…etc

What make are AWuAV 3015E different & better   then the “Latest & Greatest” drones offerings today … is that AWuAV 3015E Is revolutionary and is Almost all Open Source!