ZeroZero Robotics is excited to unveil the next generation of autonomous drones, the Hover 2, reinvented with groundbreaking A.I. technology.

Hover 2 introduces an entirely new drone experience. Imagine your shot and let Hover 2 do the rest.

With 23 minute flight times, ease and usability are at the center of every decision we’ve made. 4K video, 12-megapixel photos, 1/2.3in CMOS sensor, and a mechanical gimbal, allows users to truly immerse while Hover 2 captures the moment. Hover 2 is available in the sleek, classic black version, that is both lightweight and sturdy.

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The Hover 2 features a compact, foldable design with enclosed propellers and advanced obstacle avoidance technology to protect you and the drone, allowing you to get close-up shots that are impossible on other devices. Onboard GPS allows for easy tracking and can bring Hover 2 back to you.

Capture breathtaking aerial footage in BlastOff mode. Control the drone from up to 5km (3mi) away when paired with the BlastOff controller.

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between safety, portability, and style.

Intelligent & Intuitive Features

AUTOFRAME: Select between 4 preset shots with AutoFrame and Hover 2 will fly into position, frame, and capture the shot for you with the tap of a button. Choose between Waist-Up, Full-body, Backdrop, and Birds-eye.

OMNI-FOLLOW: Omni-Follow keeps you in the frame from any angle. Unlike traditional follow modes that only follow from behind, Hover 2 can follow you from the front, back, side, or switch between all three in the same shot.

TRACKSHOTS: TrackShot flight paths are inspired by classic film techniques for you to capture videos of you and your friends with cinematic flair. Hover 2 keeps you as the focal point as it navigates around you, even when you move.

CINEMATIC THEMES: Hover 2’s in-app editing suite offers a selection of Cinematic Themes; complete with soundtracks and filters. Choose the theme you want and watch as your footage transforms into a short clip. Share footage instantly on your favorite social media platform.

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Key Technologies

  • OPTICAL RADAR: The proprietary Optical Radar is a swiveling stereo sensor gives the drone depth perception in every direction.
  • ADVANCED OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE ALGORITHMS: Combined with SLAM 3D mapping, VIO (Visual Inertial Odometry), and path planning features, the drone can navigate new environments with 360º obstacle avoidance and bypass obstacles while tracking a target in real time. These cutting-edge algorithms are powered by Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon processor.
  • INTELLIGENT TRACKING: Hover 2’s computer vision system is able to accurately lock onto the target even after significant changes in appearance and shape of the target. By modeling the environment and monitoring the surrounding figures, our algorithm can accurately assess the cause of the obstruction and intelligently adjust its tracking strategy.

For more information on pricing, visit the Kickstarter Page

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