Euroavionics, a subsidiary of Hensoldt, is working to introduce a new VTOL UAV – dubbed Vader – into the already crowded unmanned market as the aviation industry looks to find ways to integrate such technology into a wide range of potential applications.

Thomas Latacz, sales director at Euroavionics, told Shephard that three prototype Vader UAVs are currently undergoing flight tests in Switzerland. He said that the OEM is ‘already talking to customers’ and that the platform should be introduced into the market by the middle of 2019. 

Showcased at Helitech International with a counterUAS net launcher, the Vader is doing ‘what we had wanted’ in drawing visitors in at the show, Latacz added.

‘We are looking into the area where unmanned aircraft will not replace but complement [manned platforms], such as traffic or event monitoring. There might be no need for a $4 million helicopter,’ he said. 

Applications for the Vader and the range of payloads offered by Euroavionics and Hensoldt include EMS and HADR operations.

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