Global UAV Technologies has completed a UAS-based geothermal energy exploration survey for Borealis GeoPower in northern British Columbia, Canada, the company announced on 24 January.

Global UAV subsidiary Pioneer Aerial Surveys collaborated with Hummingbird Drones to collect and analyse high resolution magnetometer and thermal data over the 2200 hectare survey area. The survey used both geophysical and thermal imaging sensors during day and night flight operations to maximise efficiency and data quality.

The combination of UAV-MAG and UAS-based thermal imagery produced high-resolution deliverables on the geological and geothermal features of the survey area for the client.

Alison Thompson, CEO of Borealis GeoPower, said: ‘Near the location of one of the world’s largest hot springs, Borealis is currently refining its reservoir model in advance of drilling in 2019. Geothermal power and heat are renewable energies well positioned to support the local and national economy as well as the environment.’

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