RoboRod LLC, whose products marry the exciting technology of drones with traditional rod and reel sports fishing, is redesigning the way we fish. The company has announced the release of a newly developed, and first-of-its-kind drone fishing rod, the RoboRod.

“It’s probably the biggest development in the fishing rod since the addition of the reel,” stated Paul Leslie, the company’s chief development officer.

The patent- pending RoboRod’s drone is guided by the angler using the controls on the front of the rod which allow the drone to reach places fishermen (and women) simply can’t by casting.

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“We’ve exceeded our expectations in the prototype testing phase and now we’re ready to ramp up for commercial production. The buzz on the social networks is beyond encouraging,” continued Leslie.

While there is not a whole lot of information available, the company states that “Pre-orders with significant early bird discounts are now being accepted for the first production run”. The first round of shipments is slated for delivery sometime in the third quarter of this year (fall 2018). Stay tuned to UAV Expert News for more information on this product.

To learn more about RoboRod, schedule an interview with Paul.Leslie@roborod.com,  or visit the company’s website

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