Terra Drone Corporation has developed a new function of UAS UTM based on Terra UTM, with Tokyo Electronic Ventures (TEPCO Ventures) 2 and Zenrin Co., Ltd. for a technical verification of “Drone Highway Initiative.” 

In March 2018, in cooperation with the TEPCO group, Terra Drone carried out Automatic drone flight utilizing simulated data assuming acquisition from meteorological observation equipment attached to the power transmission facility.


A linkage between meteorological observation data and Terra UTM.

Terra Drone and TEPCO Ventures linked processing data acquired from meteorological observation instrument attached to the power transmission tower to Terra UTM.

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Drone flight utilizing meteorological observation data

When Terra UTM recognizes data of strong wind which is beyond a previously determined threshold acquired from weather observation instrument(we preset threshold), Terra UTM automatically takes the drones to the prescribed evacuation area.

Results of demonstration

According to the success of the demonstration, the critical essence of the “Drone Highway Concept” to improve the safety of airspace where drones fly by various sensors attached to TEPCO’s power transmission tower is useful. Besides, the practical utility of Terra UTM as the platform for the concept and its extensibility is also proven.

By providing Terra UTM as the platform for various projects including the “Drone highway concept,”  Terra Drone and TEPCO Ventures continue to contribute to the safe and secure drone flight, and eventually, realize the “Revolution in the Sky.”

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