As the first two years of the FAA Part 107 have now passed, it is now time for Remote Pilots to renew their certificate, which is good for another two years. The Recurrent Test is made up of 40 questions, whereas the original test was comprised of 70, but don’t let that fool you, the Recurrent puts a very heavy focus on airspace. Its questions were designed and worded to be very tricky.

In this short video below, which was produced by Gold Seal UAV Ground School, Russ Still reviews how the “FAA Speak” can be tricky. Russ goes over a couple of the most confusing questions and shows you how to pass easily.

If you do not yet have your FAA 107 Remote pilot certificate just yet but are interested in getting it, visit UAV Ground School. The first three lessons completely free, no credit card is required. If you decide to move forward and study for your Part 107, use coupon code UAVEN50 to save $50 and be guaranteed to pass your 107 test.

See the video here:

For more information, please visit UAVGround School.com or check out the Facebook page here.

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