There are plenty of training and certificate opportunities available for drone operators.  Before investing in one of them, professionals who are serious about their careers should think about what training will give them the most benefit for the investment.  That’s where a big name can carry big weight: Embry Riddle is a world renowned aeronautical university.  Their ProEd program – the flexible, worldwide program designed for working professionals to continue expanding their skills – is ideal for either drone operators or industry professionals.

This is a rapidly changing industry, and Embry Riddle’s ProEd program has shown that they can be nimble in creating new class opportunities as the drone industry changes.  The program’s latest offerings are a case in point.  “I think our three latest courses are a good representation of the evolving UAS industry,” says Rob Kelly, PMP, Embry Riddle’s Associate Director, Office of Professional Education.

Public Safety: a Fast Growing Application

Public safety drone applications are a major – and growing – vertical for the drone industry.  Research from the Center for the Study of the Drone indicates that adoption of drone programs in fire and law enforcement grew exponentially in the last two years and continues to ramp up -and public safety organizations and their representatives need help in establishing new programs in their communities.

In response to the shift, Embry Riddle’s ProEd program now offers a course in sUAS Fundamentals for Public Service Aviation.   This four week course taught by industry experts will cover major topics for public service agencies:

  • Creating an Aviation Unit for a Public Safety Entity
  • Regulatory Review for UAS Integration
  • Defining the Community’s Role in Public Safety UAS Operations
  • Overview for Public Safety UAS Standard Operating Procedures

In future, this area of training will expand.  “This course will be part of a larger Professional Certificate in Public Service SUAS that is under development,” Kelly comments.

It Takes More than a Website to Start a Business

A second new offering addresses the needs of the thousands of licensed commercial operators and talented pilots entering the workforce in the U.S.   Many pilots are strong on flight skills, but need concrete training on setting up a business, creating a business plan, and figuring out the legal and insurance needs of their new company.

That’s where Embry Riddle’s ProEd course Fundamentals for Starting an sUAS Small Business can help.  This four week offering helps small operators navigate through the legal processes of setting up a business, interpreting regulations, and setting up repeatable systems of flight preparation and execution for ensuring that clients receive a quality deliverable every time.

The Expanding Industry and Evolving Regulatory Expectations

The industry – and the regulatory framework – are expanding rapidly.  The opportunities available aren’t limited to flying a drone: the market needs engineers, aviation specialists, regulators and other stakeholders to understand airworthiness and the basis of the current regulatory framework.

To provide that background and understanding, the ProEd program is offering a new course titled Airworthiness Certification of Unmanned Systems.  “The explosive growth of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) across the globe has created expansive growth in the numbers of UAS systems, operators, and pilots across the globe,” says the course description. “…Much like UAS’s bigger brother, manned aircraft, the community recognizes that standards and certification efforts are required to ensure public safety.”

“This course focuses on the history and definition of UAS, various UAS applications and classes, and the definition of airworthiness, criteria, and standards.”

The drone industry is booming – and everyone who wants to take advantage of the industry’s potential needs to keep expanding their skills.  Embry Riddle’s ProEd program is ready: classes are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the market.

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