DroneShield has launched the DroneCannon Remote Weapon, the company announced on 10 October.

DroneCannon is a lightweight, soft kill counter-UAS jammer designed for use on remote weapon stations as part of a combined hard kill/soft kill layered system. The system can be integrated with any third party remote weapon station, giving manufacturers of unmanned weapons systems the option to add a soft kill layer to their existing products.

DroneShield’s products interdict drones through technological interference rather than physical kinetic impact.

The system can be used on a fixed site or a vehicle solution.

Oleg Vornik, CEO of DroneShield, commented: ‘The release of DroneCannon Remote Weapon results in two important milestones for DroneShield. Firstly, DroneShield is now one of the very few defence and security companies enabling its customers to utilise a combination of soft kill and hard kill counterdrone solutions, with an optional detection add-on through other DroneShield products, all seamlessly integrated into one system.

‘Secondly, this system continues our entry into the on-vehicle counterdrone segment, following our recent Rapid Scout partnership, something that is technologically challenging and unique in the market.’

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