How many times has the average consumer bought extraneous items just to meet the minimum amount for free shipping? The answer is always too many times. There’s also the problem of waiting for the delivery or fearing that their package will be stolen. So what if there was a way to get $1 shipping on every order and have it delivered at a time scheduled by the customer?

This can all be made possible with drone delivery, which has been shown to significantly decrease shipping costs. However, concerns over safety, disorganized flights, and battery life issues have hampered government approval for widespread use of drone delivery.

Startupstaging Inc., a startup located at the East Stroudsburg University Innovation Center, has developed Drone Tracks, which aims to make $1 shipping into a reality and eliminate the current risks of using delivery drones. The system uses a hook mechanism to attach the drone to the rail so it cannot disengage during malfunctions or inclement weather. The system creates consistent and predictable flight paths allowing for safer and easier organization, much like roads for cars. Furthermore, the electrified tracks charge the drones’ batteries allowing for drones to stay constantly charged and travel farther.

Benefits of Drone Tracks:

Multiple benefits of drone usage when facilitated by Drone Tracks:

  • Customer-scheduled delivery with active tracking: you know where your package is and when it will arrive.
  • Eco-friendly: Less cardboard and fewer vehicles on the road with the use of reusable boxes
  • Mail delivery with drones would eliminate the USPS budget deficit.
  • Airplanes don’t need to worry about drones crashing into them during landing/take-off.
  • Drones can capture overhead images/videos for use at crime scenes and natural disasters and transmit live video to police and emergency services.
  • 24/7 surveillance that can help Homeland Security catch terrorists who are increasingly using drones for attacks and smuggling.

For more information, please visit thedronetracks.com.

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