Massachusetts-based CyPhy Works has spun off into a new company dedicated to autonomous, robotic “teammates” via artificial intelligence.

Aria Insights launched this week, promising a new dedication to “harnessing data collected by drones and keeping users safe in the process.”

The CyPhy teams is bringing year’s of UAS experience to the table, having already made a name as a key player in the tethered drone industry.

The company will provide AI-driven autonomous drones to collect and analyze data on-site so that the drone will – in a sense – both use and understand aerial collected data.

Aria CEO Lance Vanden Brook explains:

“After 10 years of innovating and redefining drone technology, the team at CyPhy saw the limitations facing the industry – namely the complications and risks of retrieving and analyzing data. A number of our partners were collecting and housing massive amounts of information with our drones, but there was no service in the industry to quickly and efficiently turn that data into actionable insights. Moving beyond just a hardware provider, Aria is now a full-service solution that not only meets customers’ aerial needs, but also processes analytics that enable insightful decision making.”

“Aptly named after a flock of canaries, who used to work to keep coal miners safe from deadly gases, Aria Insights deploys drones and AI to remove humans from unsafe situations,” a company release notes.

By leveraging smart data collection and analysis, customers will be able to make more agile, informed decisions derived from drone missions. Aria drones can identify relevant data points, alert users and integrate the data into 3D mapping.

“Our history as CyPhy Works has enabled us to propel our business to new heights with the launch of Aria Insights,” Aria Insights board chair Amy Villeneuve said.

“The same group of talented, innovative thinkers who delivered best-in-class tethered drone technology and autonomous flight at CyPhy will continue to push the bounds of the drone industry at Aria. Building upon our past success and knowledge, Aria Insights provides commercial markets with a full-service drone solution that combines the power of autonomy and machine learning to change the landscape of the drone industry.”

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