AWuAV 3015E

 Download Simulator Game AWuAV 3015E



To play run droneGame.exe

The AWuAV 3015E Flight Simulator gives you access to the entire flight of the drones!
Learn and practice how to control and fly AWuAW 3015E drone in the simulator and then apply your new skills in real life.
No drone required.

AWuAV 3015E Drone Flight Simulator Features

– FPV Racing with 10 ring obstacles

– Treasure Hunt for 10 Gold Ingots

– Auto Take-off and Auto Landing

– RTL Return To Home

– 4 Playable Drones

Only 6 keys to direct the drone

Page up: Trottle up
Page down: Trottle down

Cursor keys
-to the left
-to the right

To start the game click on Take-Off


*To play the two files .pck and .exe are are necessary

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