Just back from the big CES 2019 show in Las Vegas, where we were able to touch and feel the new DJI Smart Controller for the first time. I was impressed with the feel I expected it to be too big, and bulky, but it fits in my hands fairly well. I think this product will be a great asset to the entire Mavic line, but when will it ship?

We already know the benefits of the DJI CrystalSky monitors specifically, how well they work in bright sunlight. The built-in screen on the smart controller provides users with benefits including sound for live broadcasting. Our clients are lining up, and pre-orders for this controller are flowing in!

At the show, my rep could not give me the exact issue with the shipping date. While there have been a few systems seen in Europe and Asia, the U.S. dealers have yet to be able to place their orders. Neither the reps nor DJI’s automated ordering system will allow for the orders to be placed. 

After some digging, and chats with some friends “inside,” it looks like the U.S. government shutdown could be the issue, particularly with the need of the FCC certifications required to release the product in the USA. You would think that DJI would have taken care of this long ago, but I can’t find any FCC filings in the database, which is where I look for new release info.

While some of the FCC databases are allowing new product filing, Government staff are not currently working to process the actual applications, or to work on the ones already in the Q.

Hopefully, this will free up soon, and we will start to see the flow of this new product to U.S. outlets. Stay tuned to UAV Expert News for more information regarding this story.

*Update 1/21* On The New DJI Smart Controller Shipping Delay

UPDATE 1/21/19: The DJI Ordering System is now accepting orders for the new smart controllers from U.S. based dealers, but shipping dates are still TBD. So at least there is a little positive news for your Monday morning.

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