SimActive Inc., a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, has partnered with Midwest Aerial to perform damage assessment of Hurricane Michael. Correlator3DTM was used to process large format imagery collected by Midwest over Mexico Beach, Florida.  The joint effort resulted in highly precise geospatial data, including a DSM, an orthomosaic and a 3D model.

“This is a terrible disaster for the people affected and we hope they can benefit from geospatial technologies available”, said Dr Philippe Simard, President of SimActive.

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Hurricane Michael hit the Florida panhandle as a category 4 storm in the early afternoon of October 10th, 2018, setting a record as the strongest storm to strike Florida in nearly a century. Michael was the third-strongest storm to make landfall in the U.S.

After the storm made landfall, it then briefly strengthened, and 155 mile per hour winds prompted an extreme wind warning in Florida and Georgia. A tropical storm as of Thursday morning, Michael is heading northeast, where it will create the potential for flash flood conditions in Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia.

About SimActive Inc.

SimActive is the developer of Correlator3D™ software, a patented end-to-end photogrammetry solution for the generation of high-quality geospatial data from satellite and aerial imagery, including UAVs. C

orrelator3D™ performs aerial triangulation (AT) and produces dense digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), point clouds, orthomosaics, 3D models and vectorized 3D features. Powered by GPU technology and multi-core CPUs, Correlator3D™ ensures matchless processing speed to support rapid production of large datasets. SimActive has been selling Correlator3D™ to leading mapping firms and government organizations around the world, offering cutting-edge photogrammetry software backed by exceptional customer support.

For more information, visit www.simactive.com.

About Midwest Aerial

For more than 25 years, Midwest Aerial Photography has focused on acquiring high-quality aerial imagery and companion data in support of photogrammetric mapping projects across the United States and Canada.  Midwest partners and clients include federal, state and local government agencies as well as photogrammetric firms and architectural and engineering companies.

For more information, visit www.midwestaerialphoto.com

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