Well, the day finally has come when I am ready to give up on this endeavor. My goal was to build a manned, internal combustion quad copter.  I will not say the project was a failure because I learned so much on my journey, but I just see other avenues which seem more promising.

Of note, from the project I did successfully build a variable pitch, bearingless rotor blade, and if that is of interest to anyone, watch my YouTube channel for build info, or contact me.  I would be glad to share what I learned.  

During the project I also came up with a redundant servo design which I believe will have applications in any high value vehicle. 

The last test I performed on my rotor system failed because of a fracture in my test fixture frame.  The belt also fell off.  I don’t know which was cause and which was effect, but I just got to the point where the attraction of other ideas seemed to outweigh the benefit of this pursuit.  And I realize with my limited amount of time I’m spending on the project, and the number of obstacles ahead, it would be unlikely I would see a full scale vehicle in the air.

The “other” idea I saw which sealed the deal was Blackfly.

When I saw it, I instantly knew this was a really great idea.  So much better than many of the other manned multirotor vehicles.  So now, I’m following this development and it has gotten me shifted into looking at the primary obstacles of electric flight.  

Thanks to those of you who offered support, and useful comments through this process.


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