Cepton Technologies has introduced a new Vista LiDAR solution for unmanned ground vehicles – a key sensing technology to support self-driving efforts, the company announced on 27 March.

The Vista LiDAR’s 120-line scanner delivers 200m of range and 0.2° of spatial resolution. The Vista sensor uses less than 10 watts of power; this low power consumption and small size allows automakers to easily integrate LiDAR technology into the vehicle body.

Built on Cepton’s patented micro-motion technology platform, Vista has no rotational or frictional parts, consisting only of high maturity automotive components for expedited automotive grade certification.

Cepton leverages the NVIDIA DRIVE platform for advanced processing of LiDAR data. This AI computer combines deep learning and sensor fusion to accurately paint a full, 360° environment representing dynamic and static objects encompassing the vehicle.

Mark McCord, co-founder and VP of engineering at Cepton, said: ‘Performance is very important for our automotive customers, but when it comes to scale deployment, everything matters. Vista provides an unmatched combination of small size, low power, long range and high resolution.

‘For those who pursue all levels of autonomous driving, active safety or mapping applications, Vista is the most cost-effective solution for deployment at scale.’

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