The redesigned Dronekiller handheld counter-UAS device is expected to move into production in the first quarter of 2019, after racking up hundreds of pre-orders from international militaries and other government bodies.

Displaying the latest iteration of the Dronekiller at the AUSA exhibition in Washington DC, IXI Technology representatives said that various foreign governments and militaries had pre-ordered more than 400 units for counter-UAS applications.

The Dronekiller is a handheld counter-UAS device that employs software-defined radio (SDR) technology to detect and affect class 1 and class 2 UAS devices without the use of broadband jamming.

Field programmeable with an integrated port for software updates, the Dronekiller disrupts C2 and GPS links controlling drones, forcing them to descend or return to the point of origin.

The Dronekiller is claimed to be the first handheld counter-UAS system that employs the use of SDR technology. The system can disable drones operating in seven frequency bands and is effective up to 1000m, although it can also be integrated with a tethered UAS for a range of 10km.

In April 2018, it was announced that IXI EW had entered into an agreement with T-Worx for the integration of the IXI Dronekiller onto the T-Worx Intelligent Rail (I-Rail) system with its rifle operating system.

The Dronekiller was then redesigned into a small, lightweight, and low power consumption assembly that attaches to the I-Rail, reducing the size, weight and power of the current system by more than 50% to just over two pounds. 

Company representatives said that integrating the Dronekiller onto the I-Rail gives soldiers the ability to counter UAS without the burden of carrying a separate, heavier device. The I-Rail system provides both power and intelligent control of electronic devices when attached to an I-Rail integrated picatinny rail.

IXI Technology acquired the Dronekiller product line following its purchase of Icarus Technologies, Inc in September 2017.

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