Northrop Grumman displayed the Andros Nomad UGV for the first time at the AUSA 2017 exhibition in Washington DC.

The UGV is part of the Andros portfolio and is a smaller and lightweight version of the Andros FX; the latter UGV weighs in at around 363kg while the former weighs in at just 74kg. It comprises aluminium and carbon fibre materials to lighten its weight.

The Andros Nomad can undertake a plethora of missions with its various sensors including bomb disposal and is aimed at the military and civil market. Nomad has the capacity to climb up a 60⁰ incline.

It is currently undergoing trials testing although it is expected to be available to the market in 2018. The UGV was developed in Clinton, Tennessee.

Nomad has IOP-compliant software messaging and hardware interfaces. It also has the capacity to be easily upgraded enhancing the system’s longevity and flexibility for the end-user.

Nomad has four tracked ‘pods’. A company spokesperson explained to Shephard that the pods can move independently or in pairs.

The UGV can handle different terrains in a variety of movements.

Nomad has the ability to use the pods to stretch and reach objects giving it more reach and height. It has a hand control unit with a touch screen that allows the operator to switch cameras.

There is a main camera which has a full 360⁰ pan with the functionality to tilt and there are also front and rear cameras on the chassis as well as a manipulator camera.

With its modular design the current four degrees of freedom can be added to. 

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