The concept of delivery drones buzzing around our skies hasn’t yet come to fruition. Amazon, other retailers and logistics specialists are still perfecting their technologies and awaiting regulatory approval. But one application gaining publicity and exposure is drone light shows.

This past week, drone light shows have taken off in two high profile events in the US and the UK. The potential for drones to take traditional firework displays to the next level is clear. It’s a winning combination of promotional material and entertainment. And one that’s engaging, unique and quickly soaring into the public consciousness.

Intel’s Indoor Drone Light Show Celebrates LGBTQ Pride

Intel is busy celebrating LGBTQ pride with drone light shows in San Francisco this week. From what we understand, the tech giant has already launched an indoor show and another performance is expected in the coming days.

intel drone light show lgbtq san francisco

In honor of the LGBTQ community, 50 Intel Shooting Star Mini drones took flight inside AT&T’s flagship store in San Francisco, dancing to Lady Gaga’s song “Born this Way,” performed live by internationally acclaimed and Grammy-nominated acoustic/electric cellist, Tina Guo.

According to a statement from Intel, “This light show symbolizes Intel’s longstanding commitment to diversity, inclusion and support of the LGBTQ community.”

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Drone Light Shows Arrive in the UK

Across the Atlantic, a drone light show also hit the headlines in Newcastle, England this week. As part of an opening ceremony for the Great Exhibition of the North, an 80-day festival celebrating the scientific and artistic achievements of the north of England.

More than 20,000 people watched on from the banks of the river Tyne as 100 drones fitted with LED lights performed above the Sage and Baltic art gallery.

Speaking on the eve of the show, projects director Mungo Denison said, “We want to surprise people, we don’t think they will have seen something like this before. We are looking forward to blowing people away.”

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