South Africa-based drone developer ALTI UAS recently launched a UAS Ground Control System for its Transition model drones as well as other systems.

In a press release, ALTI describes the unit as “an advanced, modular, multi-link unmanned aircraft command and control system.”

“It features everything from a high-quality intel computer, pre-loaded with all the relevant mission planning software, dual screen design layout, backup data telemetry link, long range control link, main digital data link (flight planning and telemetry) as well as HD video support.”

The GCS also offers an optional Range Extension Package. The unit can add long-range data and video features at a range of up to 62 miles. The unit deploys a pneumatic telescopic mast and directional grid antenna along with a 10-watt Microhard amplifier and optional antenna trackers.

The unit also sports an Intel NUC computer as well as a wireless keyboard and mouse and a 15.6” LED HD display monitor. The digital and video link is powered by Microhard MIMO 2.4Ghz pMDDL2450 ENC radio systems, a solution that provides the bandwidth and range needed for complex data intensive applications.

“The ALTI Ground Control Station is designed specifically for the ALTI Transition, it is the ultimate all-round compact GCS solution for effectively controlling the ALTI Transition and other similar unmanned aircraft” said Duran De Villiers, Director, ALTI UAS.

The Transition is a civil-use commercial VTOL drone featuring endurance of up to 12 hours, 9-foot wingspan, and with zero take-off run required.

The ground station sector is growing; for example, Chinese aerospace manufacturer AVIC offers the Holographic Ground Control System that displays a holographic image of the drone in flight, “making it easier for the controller to intuitively understand UAV operations, by fusing together flight parameters, payload monitoring, weapons release and sensor data. The pilot is seated at the cockpit, while other personnel can observe the UAV and its environment on the hologram.”

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