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The Alpha Aerospace Lotus-I is the first ever off-the-shelf modular commercial UAV system running the Pixhawk Cube Autopilot. The copter is highly compact, can take a variety of payloads and is built with research and innovation in mind. Upgrades include RTK GPS, onboard VTX, bent/straight arms, upgraded telemetry, long range RC, and more! This is a project we have been working on for some time now and are ready to start releasing in small test batches. Hopefully, the community finds this valuable as we start to offer more integrations and upgrades to the platform! 

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Swappable Arms

The arms on the Lotus-I are very easily swappable so no need to spend time desoldering and replacing motors. If your motor bearing wears out, a quick 5-minute swap and all 4 arms are like new again. You can even try different arm combinations. We are currently testing out a longer arm version as seen at the top, or a bent arm version for heavier payloads as seen just above this text. Very easily, we can try different motor sizes, adjust our payloads, and create new integrations.

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Please visit our site and give us feedback. We take it very seriously and can offer platform tuning, upgrades, or tweaks according to your specs. Note: This is an early release platform so the bugs are still being worked out. But if it’s our fault, we will fix or replace it!

For any comments, requests, resellers, or feedback, please use the contact page on our site or email: inquiry@alphaaero.com

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