Kawasaki Heavy Industries has received an order to design and produce the Deep-sea Storage Terminal System for extended deployment of AUVs, the company announced on 23 January.

The company received the order from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science Technology (JAMSTEC) under the theme of ‘Innovative Technology for Exploration of Deep-Sea Resources’ initiative of the Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program led by the Japanese government.

The Deep-sea Storage Terminal System will allow for deep-sea recharging of AUVs as well as the transfer of exploration data.

Under the project, Kawasaki will be responsible for the complete system design including the AUV-terminal interface, for detail design and producing the Deep-sea Storage Terminal System, and for conducting on-shore and seawater tests before its scheduled delivery to JAMSTEC in March of 2020.

Through this project, the company will be working towards the practical application of technology that enables extended deployment of AUVs and improvement of their overall quality, with the goal of constructing a total system combining the AUVs and the deep-sea terminal.

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