When it comes to manufacturing industrial grade hydrogen drones, research and development company BSHARK are the experts.  BSHARK  has years of experience in designing the best of clean-powered, long endurance unmanned aircraft, and have developed a suite of hydrogen solutions.  Now, those aircraft are available to businesses of every size: with the introduction of the Narwhal 2.

The Narwhal 2, which will be officially announced this week, is a light hydrogen-powered quad copter at a very competitive price  – about $6800 U.S.  The Narwhal 2 retains critical features of BSHARK’s earlier models, and is equipped with an air cooled fuel cell, class-leading control over LTE technology, all-in-one remote control, standalone flight controller and a 30km video transmitter.

Narwhal 2 levels up hydrogen drone technology.  The fuel cell is made of a metal bipolar plate and membrane electrode, providing high electron conductivity and great heat conduction – maximizing the volume power density of the fuel cell.  The 3.5 liter capacity gas tank has an interior surface of aluminum alloy while the exterior is covered by carbon fiber: combining robust performance with lighter weight.

This new design still utilizes the Orca hydrogen fueling station.  The Orca solves the problem of fueling in remote areas: it’s a portable hydrogen generator and refueling station for the Narwhal series of drones.  Built in safety features and an integrated design ensure that Orca is easy to operate and able to provide a supply of clean fuel wherever needed.

One of the primary features of the Narwhal 2 is its versatility. BSHARK has designed the Narwhal 2 with an eye to customization.  The platform will support an FPV experience, augmented reality, and real-time video streaming.   It can support a variety of payloads including a 20x zoom camera, FLIR Duo R dual sensor or a  GoPro.  The Narwhal 2’s flight endurance, tough carbon fiber exterior, and customization options make it an ideal tool for a variety of applications: including security, law enforcement, industrial inspections, fire fighting, and media.

Narwhal 2 Features:

  • 30 km control range
  • 120 Minutes of flight time
  • 4G Covered Operation Range
  • 5 flight modes
  • IP45
  • 2.4/5.8GHz dual fallback channel
  • 8 PWM channels output
  • Integrated single piece data and video transmitter
  • Compact all-in-one remote control

Hydrogen drone technology removes many of the barriers of flight endurance, temperature sensitivity, and clean energy that have limited commercial applications.  With the Narwhal 2, offering the features that make hydrogen drones desirable at a price appropriate for any business, hydrogen drones could be poised to take a major piece of the commercial market.

Below is a 32 minute video on their launch event.

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