Leading Chinese drone manufacturer MMC has developed a custom drone for a U.S. security firm.

A customized drone with charging pile design

A U.S.-based drone supplier has been developing a patrol drone for safeguarding factories and houses – and they found the right OEM partner with MMC, the only manufacturer to adopt charging pile technology.

Charging pile technology is usually thought of in terms of electric vehicles, which require quick charging stations to achieve distance and endurance goals.  The same needs are a barrier for commercial drones: security drones have to be available 24/7 – if they can’t offer constant surveillance, they can’t replace human staff.  By utilizing charging pile technology in an innovative way, MMC was able to meet the customer’s requirements.

A specialized drone with specialized requirements.

The customer requirements included a flight time of over 35 minutes, a less take-off weight of less than 4 kg, and a cost that met their limited budget.  MMC’s lightweight carbon fiber frame met the weight requirements.  A newly developed flight controller and video transmission capability with a 30 km operational range, 4-in-1 Electric Supply Center and telemetry round out the package.  MMC then customized landing gears to perfectly match the charging pile, allowing for a quick recharge offering a practical and inexpensive solution for an endurance fleet.

Best of all, with MMC’s state of the art research and development facilities combined with their factory facilities, the first group of drones was delivered to the customer in about a month.

About MMC

MMC owns the biggest carbon fiber frame factory in Asia, utilizing injection products processing and production of injection molds and carbon fiber molds. MMC specializes in the design and manufacture of carbon fiber frames, UAV electronic parts, software, comprehensive services and experienced solution customization. MMC OEM services cover the complete spectrum of the product lifecycle; from concept to design, manufacturing and after-market services.

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